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Reports by Real Estate Experts in Montreal

Bourassa Jodoin can produce the expert and appraisal reports according to your projects. For any types of buildings, whether commercial, service, office, industrial or institutional buildings, we will help you achieve your objectives. In the greater Montreal, consult our real estate experts for advice or to implement your plans.

Market Value

The valuation reports issued by Bourassa Jodoin are recognized by all financial institutions to enable you to obtain the financing you need to carry out your projects. In addition, our reports can be transactional tools for the sale or purchase of a building.

The skill and professionalism demonstrated in the courts by our certified appraisers make them excellent expert witnesses before the various judicial bodies in several types of cases:

  • Sale

  • Purchase

  • Financing

  • Legal Division of Property

  • Divorce

  • Estate Settlement

Dispute Resolution

By producing an up-to-date study of the target market, our certified appraisers are able to assist you effectively in a dispute or a delicate real estate transaction:

  • Dispute regarding the division of a property portfolio between shareholders

  • Litigation between tenant and landlord upon renewal of lease

  • Change in zoning affecting the value of a property

  • Family dispute over the sharing of real property

  • Litigation for hidden defects

Expropriation Value

The law allows an expropriated owner to appoint experts to defend his interests and obtain fair compensation. Our certified appraisers will be able to negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, represent you at the Tribunal Administratif du Québec (TAQ).

Insurable Value

  • Cost of rebuilding

  • Cost of Replacement

Given insurance policy requirements and increased construction costs, it is in the interest of all building owners to properly protect their assets with adequate insurance coverage. In the event of a specific claim or assignment, we can provide a comprehensive study of the cost of damage to the building and follow up on construction and repair work. Our evaluation reports include the following:

  • Identification of the building

  • Exterior and interior photographs

  • Building features

  • Date of construction and status of maintenance

  • Sketch of the building

  • Detailed replacement cost per component

  • Inclusions and exclusions

Rental Value

Defining the optimal rental value of a commercial space or a dwelling requires the certified appraiser to have thorough knowledge of the rental market in the territory: how much rent is paid by tenants for similar spaces? Who pays for expenses related to heating, electricity, property taxes, insurance and any other costs? The analysis reports provided by our chartered appraisers will allow you to negotiate your lease according to market parameters, thereby maximizing the profitability of your rental properties.

Capital Gain

The municipal assessor must maintain the inventory of buildings on its territory to determine the real value of each building. These assessments provide the basis for sharing the tax burden among owners.

Bourassa Jodoin conducts valuations for capital gains purposes, such as the sale of a rental property or an estate.

The Municipal Tax Act allows property owners to negotiate or file a complaint if they find the value of their buildings to be incorrect, in particular by using a certified appraiser. Ask us to prepare a study justifying the real value of your building and to testify, if necessary, before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec.

Appraisal for Class Action

Residing near wind turbines can affect your quality of life and the value of your property. The same applies if your land is affected by the construction of an airport or mining operation. In such cases, a class action may be instituted. To effectively support your approach, contact Bourassa Jodoin for an in-depth analysis of these issues.


Proper management of your assets allows you to decrease fixed costs.

The value recorded in the first year of the role by the organization responsible for property assessment remains unchanged for the next three (3) years of the assessment role, unless additions or modifications are made to the property.

There are four situations that give the right to request a review:

  • Role deposit

  • Role modification made by certificate

  • Notice of office correction

  • Role modification not made by the assessor

For each event, the law has set a deadline for submitting a review request. The taxpayer has until April 30th (depending on the case indicated on the tax account or the assessment notice) of the first year of the role deposit to submit a review request. They must use the prescribed forms, which are accompanied by the information supporting the request. These forms are available on the websites of municipalities.

The municipal assessor must provide a response before September 1st of the role deposit, or on the date inscribed on the review request form, attesting to the receipt of the document by the municipal organization.

If there is no agreement with the assessor, the taxpayer can file an appeal with the Real Estate Affairs Section of the Quebec Administrative Tribunal, by filing a request with the Tribunal Secretariat. The request can also be made to any registry of the small claims division of a courthouse. The deposit must be made within 60 days from the date of dispatch of the assessor's response. If the assessor has not provided a response, the deadline is 30 days after the date limit indicated on the review request form attesting to the deposit by the municipal organization.

Proper management of your assets allows you to decrease costs. These procedures may seem complex but can easily be implemented by professionals in the field. Meet our property assessment advisors to check if the value recorded in the role for your property is representative.