Activity Sectors

Bourassa Jodoin operates in the various fields where real estate plays a crucial role. As we offer our services in all activity sectors, we are widely recognized for our versatility. Trust our team with your appraisal mandates for your buildings in Montreal, whatever their vocations.


The evaluation of a commercial building requires thorough knowledge of this specialized market. With our up-to-date data analyses, we achieve optimum value and satisfaction for our customers.


When assessing an industrial building’s market value, certain essential aspects must be considered, such as its use, occupancy potential, zoning, clear height and location in relation to the main transportation corridors. The appraisal mandates entrusted to Bourassa Jodoin are executed according to your specific criteria and are actively compared to the perpetually changing real estate market.

Residential (Private and Rental)

Our team is distinguished by courteous, prompt and personalized service when assessing your principal residence, your apartment property or your second home.


An institutional building, such as a hospital, may become obsolete due to the high cost of renovations required by the various standards (governmental, building code, etc.). Similarly, an industrial building can be transformed into a school to meet an increased demand from the school environment, a fire station can become a restored restaurant and a courthouse can be converted into government offices. These are some examples of mandates that Bourassa Jodoin can perform to determine the market value of institutional properties.

Public / Governmental

Public or government buildings offer non-profit services. The method of calculating income is, therefore, often non-demonstrative. Our real estate appraisers will be able to determine the value of these properties according to their specifications and, where applicable, according to the supply and demand for similar properties in the real estate market.


An office building represents a complex asset that requires the input of property management specialists. Our certified appraisers have the knowledge required to determine their market and rental value.

HotelS / Residential Complex

Residential and residential complexes, such as resorts or seniors' residences, make up this category of buildings that must be valued according to their financial statements and business assets. Our assessors are familiar with issues related to location, potential, retention time and competition.


Our expertise in assessing land (built or vacant), using the parity or subdivision method, enables us to give you an accurate idea of its market value.